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Select References

Mark Richard Beaulieu began his research on the life of Eleanor of Aquitaine in 1971 at the University of Texas in Austin. He began reading her work again in 1995 trips and had made trips to her medieval regions of Aquitaine France in 1996.  The following select references are recommended to students of the subject.

Primary sources

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  • Marie de France. Marie De France: Poetry, New Translations, Backgrounds and Contexts, Criticism. Translated by Dorothy Gilbert, W.W. Norton & Company, 2015.  
  • Odo of Deuil. De Profectione Ludovici VII in Orientem the Journey of Louis VII to the East. Translated by Virginia Gingerick Berry. Norton, 1965. ISBN 0393096629 

Secondary sources

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Link of note

  •   Alienor d’Aquitaine,  http://www.alienor-aquitaine.org/ ~mrb: Ombriere Palace model. site expired.